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Green Powers at Ho Chi Minh City Festival in Porto – Portugal 2023

On July 28th, at Alfandega Conference Center in Porto City, Portugal, the Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City Festival took place, marking a new milestone in the friendly relations and cooperation between the two cities.

The festival not only strengthened the bond between the two cities but also provided an opportunity for Europe to gain deeper insights into Vietnam’s unique culture and economic potential, especially that of Ho Chi Minh City.

The festival offered cultural experiences and a platform for networking, exchange, and promoting trade and investment, supporting the economic development of both cities. With the most enormous scale in 2023, the event attracted numerous businesses, investors, and tourists from both countries.

In an increasingly globalized world, showcasing and promoting the culture, cuisine, and specialties of a country like Vietnam in Europe plays a crucial role in shaping the nation’s image and brand. Therefore, the participation of Green Powers with our signature product, Ben Tre Pink Pomelo, added significant value to the festival. The unique appearance and flavor of the pomelo demonstrated the skillful cultivation and care of Ben Tre locals, garnering attention and admiration from visitors and leaving a strong impression of Vietnamese culture and cuisine in the hearts of Europeans.

Green Powers representative stated that our product’s presence at the festival created a strong foundation for exporting it to European consumers. The success of Green Powers at the event also affirmed the quality and value of Ben Tre Pink Pomelo, promising new business opportunities in the international market.

In addition to introducing signature products, the festival focused on exhibitions showcasing Vietnamese culture, people, and socio-economic achievements, providing Portuguese and European friends with a glimpse of Ho Chi Minh City’s unique culture right in Porto. This close interaction created opportunities to promote Vietnamese culture in Europe, raising awareness and building a positive image of Vietnam among European people.

The Economic Cooperation Forum between Ho Chi Minh City and Porto also took place on July 28th, attracting over 100 businesses from both cities and European countries. This was a great opportunity for companies to learn about investment and business environments and promote trade between the nations. Green Powers’ participation in this forum strengthened the company’s position and reputation in the agricultural export industry while affirming the development potential of Ben Tre Pink Pomelo in the international market.

Beyond contributing to promoting agricultural exports, Green Powers actively contributed to the development of the local community in Ben Tre. Through producing and marketing Pink Pomelo, the company created job opportunities for local residents, contributing to the economic growth and improving the livelihoods of the community.

With the firm presence of Green Powers and support from Ho Chi Minh City, the development of exporting Ben Tre Pink Pomelo to Europe promises to be a significant step in boosting the national economy and creating conditions for sustainable development in the local community. This is a typical example of combining local potential exploitation with expanding the export market, while also promoting the image of Vietnam to the world.


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